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The sailboat getaway of your life

#35 Travel Sail spin

Experience FIVE days of sun, sea, sailing and Partying as you cruise through Thailand’s stunning natural playground, in an epicurean voyage

The Sail Spin is a hot lifestyle travel brand that has hit Southeast Asia, and is all about celebrating the best things in life against the breathtaking backdrop of the sparkling blue Andaman Sea.

The Sail Spin is a flotilla sailing event happening ten to 12 times a year, which gathers up to 15 yachts cruising together on a five-day, four-night journey through Phuket, Thailand. Ports of call include Phang Nga Bay, Koh Yai Noi, Koh Yao Yai as well as Phi
Phi Island.

A Relaxing Adventure

This would make the ultimate escape from your urban life – each morning, you wake up on your own majestic yacht with the crystal blue sea swirling at your feet. Relax and unwind with your favourite cocktail as you sunbathe in the tropical weather on deck.

If you’re up for something more adventurous, opt for a kayak to explore the hidden caves around pristine islands, cliff dive into a blue lagoon, swim or snorkel in the calm waters of a sheltered bay and marvel at the underwater marine life. Wake up in a lovely bay; watch the sun set in another. Every day is a new experience.

Insiders Itinerary

With The Sail Spin, you will avoid the masses that flock to Phuket and instead follow an insider’s itinerary of the top spots in the area. Your yacht will bring you to some of the best kept secrets in the Andaman Sea, including Thailand’s most exclusive resorts and secluded, untouched beaches that look like they are right out of a postcard.

Spend time with your friends and meet other like-minded travellers wanting to enjoy the best things life has to offer.

You can sunbathe or explore the coasts
You can sunbathe or explore the coasts

Party by the Sea

The perfect day ends off with a secluded beach dinner. Dance and let loose to the tunes of an exclusive DJ line-up, hand-picked by the music enthusiasts at The Sail Spin. Or, just chill out with other sun-and-sea hedonists under Thailand’s starlit sky.

Expect the unexpected as The Sail Spin strives to surprise its guests every time with unique experiences such that no two trips are exactly the same, especially if there is a birthday boy or girl on board!

Hassle-Free Voyage

The Sail Spin understands that holiday time is precious and the team will make sure that you only need to focus on having the time of your life. Sailing is an exclusive experience which requires a lot of preparation, but The Sail Spin will make it hassle-free for you.

From the moment you arrive at the Marina, or the pre-Sail Spin party, to your departure, everything will be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Each yacht is captained by a skipper who will ensure your journey is, literally, smooth sailing.

The Sail Spin caters to everyone from novices to expert sailors. The brand’s impressive range of 35 yachts accommodates both the fuss-free travellers and the ones seeking something a bit more lavish, with packages starting from $150 per person, making it the perfect option for a longer weekend getaway that is truly unique.

For more information or reservations, please visit www.thesailspin.com