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Make Malaysia your playground

Be hosted as part of the family and enjoy the best

Have more fun in your travel destination by living and playing in a kampong

In Malaysia, you’ll see how culture can be colourful and fun
In Malaysia, you’ll see how culture can be colourful and fun

Exploring the many tourist sites of Malaysia is rewarding in itself. Malaysia has beauty that enchants tourists and makes them come back again and again.

Now, you can experience even more on your travels to this magnificent country. Instead of moving into a cold, impersonal hotel, you can move in with a family and live in a kampong village during your stay.

You will get to be a part of village life and be one with the people in the kampong as you eat, laugh and play traditional games with them.

Become One of the Family

Hundreds of “homestay” programmes are offered privately or through travel agents. You’ll live within the warmth of a Malaysian family and you’ll get to experience life in the country instead of simply looking at it or taking photos from a distance.

Malaysians love to play and want you to join in. Many age-old games still captivate village residents across the country today as they have for centuries. These games have become national treasures.

Playing these ethnic games is a unique experience you may come to cherish for a lifetime. It gives you an opportunity to form lasting friendships as part of a team.

Run on Ghost Feet

Have you ever run a race on stilts? The game of Kaki Hantu, translated as “Ghost Feet”, enables you to experience this rare thrill. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can always try building a pyramid of cans while avoiding fast-flying balls around you. This guarantees a lot of adrenalin-pumping fun!

In the traditional game of Tapak Gajah, you race on shoes made from coconut shells. Meanwhile, Rakit Darat is a rather unusual boat race on land, where the fun flows thick and fast as you try to beat your opponents.

Board games such as Conkak and Batu Seremban are challenging and addictive. Forget sightseeing in that dusty museum for a minute and test your skills against your family, friends, and hosts.

Be hosted as part of the family and enjoy the best
Be hosted as part of the family and enjoy the best

Watch your Colourful Kite Soar

You’ve probably experienced the joys of playing with spinning tops and kites as a child. In this fascinating country, you can do the same except that the kites are colourful works of art and the adult tops are bigger, heavier and more challenging than the ones you are familiar with.

A homestay offers many games such as these, and more. When the travel bug bites again, don’t be the outsider. Make Malaysia your playground and have more fun living and playing in your travel destination.

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