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Ladies, travel smart

travel smart in india ladies safety precaution tips advise prevent avoid

travel smart in india ladies safety precaution tips advise prevent avoid

Here are some precautions and smart habits for women travellers in India

India has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently, especially on the threats to women’s safety. All women travellers going to India should take strong precautions.

Here are a few tips for you to improve your safety:

1. Book a taxi or auto-rickshaw with your hotel for transfers. Don’t go out and get one on your own.
2. Try not to go out after sunset. It is harder to see potential danger and there are more unsavoury characters lurking after dark.
3. Behave as though you have a hotel and you have friends in India, even if you don’t. If taking a taxi or rickshaw, request to be dropped off at hotels or in public places.
4. Ensure the door to your room has a bolt, and perhaps even a stopper, in place at all times. This helps to deter intruders and to protect you.
5. Travel in groups, especially with male friends. This deters would-be molesters.
6. Don’t dress too skimpily or seductively. Always remember, when you dress, that men’s eyes see differently from yours.
7. Don’t be too friendly with men. Be cautious.
8. Don’t confront staring men. Don’t court trouble. Avoid eye contact.
9. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. They could be spiked.
10. Travel in women’s cars on trains where available.
11. If you suspect you are being followed, quickly go to somewhere public or safe, especially with lots of people around.
12. Travel light [including without carrying too much shopping goods] and with good shoes, in case you may need to make a quick getaway.


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Pioneering hotel safety features

With an increasing worldwide trend of over 57 per cent of women travelling alone, one hotel group has put women’s safety as its priority

ITC Hotels India’s EVA rooms are designed to cater to the specific needs of the single lady traveller.

EVA is available at all ITC super premium luxury hotels in India with dedicated floors or wings for single lady guests and exclusive access to the floor and wing.

Lady security guards and lady butlers form part of the team that enables the EVA experience.

The EVA concept:

• Airport assistance upon arrival
• Lady butlers
• Assistance in packing and unpacking
• Guidance while travelling within the city
• Hiring of safe and reliable transportation
• Dial-a-chef, where a guest can ask for a meal according to her dietary preference
• Cocktail hour – with compliments of the hotel, is a service that all guests at ITC Hotels enjoy. Lady guests can enjoy this benefit within the confines of their floor or their rooms
• In case of a sudden special event, a lady butler could get a sari and blouse stitched for a guest

ITC Hotels in India has been accredited with a British Safety Council 5-star rating and the “Women Aware” international certification, proving its excellence in going the extra mile
to provide the best and safest features for all its lady guests.

Information from Dipak Haksar, CEO, ITC Hotels.

Republished from Issue 42.