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Where to go in Southeast Asia?

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Jakarta- Thousand Islands

From $61, Jetstar. Promotion ends when sold out.


Fancy a nice getaway, but want to avoid the tourist-populated Phuket? Annoyed by the sight crowds thronging a single beach when you just want some peace? Aptly named “Thousand Islands”, Pulau Seribu consists of almost 128 small islands. From there, take your pick and decide on an island to just relax, snorkel or fish without having to deal with crowds.


Phuket- Ko Panyi

From $68, Jetstar. Promotion ends when sold out.


Sea levels are rising because of global warming and it seems soon, we’ll have to build our homes above water. Well, perhaps we can take inspiration from Ko Panyi, a fishing village bulit on stilts above water. Immerse in the culture and unique lifestyle above sea level and marvel and the unique architechture that keeps the homes above water.


Hat Yai- Khong Hae Floating Market 

From $70, Tiger Air.


Here, feast on local and authentic delicacies that bring out the flavour in Thai food from sampans on water. As an added bonus, feast your eyes on the scenery in the area and sink in the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of the market. The vendors work on the aesthetic of food as well, with a campaign for the environment using bamboo tubes, coconut shells, and clay pots instead of using plastic bags or foam boxes.