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Flying cheap!

Don’t miss out on these promotions for budget airlines and low-cost carriers. We highlight top places to check out in each destination.

Taipei – Night Markets

From $99, Tigerair. Promotion ends when sold out.


Come experience what Taiwan is best known for – night markets. Situated all over the country, these markets attract both locals and tourists on a daily basis. Come soak in the crowded and lively atmosphere, savour Taiwan’s best local dishes and shop at discounted prices!

Boracay – Island Hopping

From $99, Tigerair. Promotion ends when sold out.


What do you do when you’re in Boracay, and want to experience all the islands this paradise has to offer? Island hop, of course!

Home to more than a dozen undeveloped beaches, turquoise waters and colourful coral reefs, come snorkel, dive or swim at different islands with thriving sea life. Many companies offer tours and these tours often include snorkelling equipment and meals.

Phnom Penh – Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

From $108, Jetstar. Promotion ends when sold out.


The museum chronicles the genocide in Cambodia during Pol Pot’s regime. The site was previously a former high school before it was used as the notorious prison holding captive over tens of thousands of prisoners, many of which who were innocent.

A warning though, many of the exhibits are still pretty gruesome and is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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