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7 Super Instagrammable Spots Around The World For Your Holiday Photos

You’ll be the envy of your relatives and friends

In the age of social media, photo-taking becomes an even bigger part of our travel experiences. We want to capture the memories of our trips with beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook, and share them with our loved ones. Even if you couldn’t care less about these apps, we bet you’d want to add these gorgeous places around the world to your bucket list. From colourful street buildings to natural wonders, these places make a special backdrop for your holiday photos with your friends and family.

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Photo: Patrik Bergström / Flickr

1. Havana, Cuba

If you love your vintage and retro, you have to visit Cuba. The country is like a whole vintage car museum, with gorgeous old-school cars in all the vibrant colours of the rainbow. And they look even more amazing in front of the colourful streets in Old Havana. With more majestic sights like the iconic El Capitolio and the Gran Teatro right next door, we’re prepared to agree with Camila Cabello that half of our heart would be in Havana.

Photo: Jorbasa Fotografie / Flickr
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