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Infants Fly Free

british airways infants flying travel promotion latest deals offers
british airways infants flying travel promotion latest deals offers
In the 1950s, infants travelled in hammock “skycots”

British Airways celebrates the royal birth by offering free flights for infants

To mark the birth of the royal baby, British Airways is offering complimentary flights for all infants travelling
from Singapore to London or Sydney.

Parents travelling with children under the age of two can take advantage of this celebratory offer, which is valid for travel before Nov 30, 2013. Please visit ba.com for terms and conditions.

Promotional Flights

British Airways is giving everyone the chance to get involved in the royal celebrations by also offering special fares to London and Sydney. Return fares to Sydney in World Traveller economy class start from just $688, while return flights to London start from $1,688. The fares are valid for travel before Nov 30, 2013.

Exclusive fares are also available in the popular World Traveller Plus cabin with return flights to Sydney from just $1,188 and return fares to London from $2,688.

Terms and conditions apply for all promotions.

Serving Young Customers

Over 1.5 million children travel with British Airways every year and the airline prides itself on the fantastic service it offers to families.

In the 1950s, infants travelled in revolutionary hammock-type “skycots” which were clamped to the luggage rack. Now, British Airways helps children to enjoy their flight in a range of ways.

On long-haul flights, for example, the airline offers a special child-friendly menu, which parents can book free of charge in advance. Children are also given entertainment packs.

All British Airways flights from Singapore now arrive at the state-of-the-art London Heathrow Terminal 5. This enables families to take advantage of the fantastic facilities that the terminal offers children, including a selection of ‘Kids Zones,’ aviation toys and games.

For more information, please visit ba.com.


british airways infants flying travel promotion latest deals offers

Tips for travelling with kids

Whether going on a weekend getaway or planning for the school holidays, do keep these tips in mind

Father of two and senior cabin crew member of British Airways, Justin Cox, says, “I have found that flying can be made more comfortable and even fun for kids by following a few simple pointers.”

For travelling with kids:

• If you plan to bring your own child car seat, check with your airline before travelling to ensure it fits the airline’s criteria.

• Before your child’s first flight in their own seat, sit them on the sofa at home with a cushion between you as the armrest, explaining how it’s going to be.

• Bring a small compact travel pushchair for easy cabin stowage – regular-sized pushchairs or strollers have to go as hold luggage.

• Pack their favourite teddy, pillow or comfort blanket – to help them get to sleep more easily and make it feel more like home.

• Sometimes waiting for take-off or leaving the aircraft can be boring – a bag of treats can work well as a distraction.

• While visiting the flight deck when in mid-flight is no longer allowed, if you ask the crew, they are usually happy to arrange for children to see the flight deck after landing.

• If you are flying somewhere with a big time difference, allow yourselves two days when you get back to give your children time to get back to local time and their normal routine, before they go back to nursery or school.

Tips from British Airways.