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5 Travel Tips And Essentials To Survive Your Long-Haul Flight

A little preparation can turn a dreaded flight into a relaxing one

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Going on holiday should be fun and relaxing, so don’t let a long-haul flight ruin your experience before it even begins. Even if you’re stuck in economy for over 12 hours, time can pass quickly and fuss-free if you plan ahead. Do some homework on the in-flight amenities, and pack a few handy essentials such as the following, to help you survive your long-haul flight.

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1. Reserve the seat that’s right for you

Secure a good seat that you want. It’s one of the first and most crucial steps to make your flight more comfortable and ensure you’re seated with your travel companion. You could pay extra and pre-book early to be safe, but most airlines offer complimentary seat selection from the remaining seats once online¬†check-in opens, so check in immediately to pick your seat. The next question is, which seat should you pick, window or aisle? It depends on how you travel. If you plan to and can sleep long, the window seat is perfect. If you don’t sleep well on planes, or prefer more room to stretch and get up to use the washroom, go for the aisle seat.

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