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#BucketList: Frolic With Over 900 Dogs When In Costa Rica

It’s heaven on earth for all animal lovers alike


There is simply unlike any dog shelter like the one here in Costa Rica.

Located in the mountains of Santa Bárbara in the country’s Heredia province lies Territorio de Zaguates – a dog sanctuary to more than 900 good boys and girls. Dubbed “Land of the Strays”, the animal welfare organisation is a no-kill shelter where you’ll see these dogs scampering through grassy hills as far as the eye can see.

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The concept of this free-range environment is believed to improve the dogs’ health and adoptability. There are also housing areas for sleeping, bathing and eating. Each tail-wagging mutt is celebrated for its unique traits, where one is no lesser than the other to dispel myths that certain breeds are regarded more valuable.

With this uncaged concept, interested adopters need not browse through thousands of photos online to decide on the perfect pooch. Instead, they can head to the rescue centre to meet these furry munchkins personally and in a stress-free environment!

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If you’re not looking to adopt but just love dogs too much, the sprawling refuge invites you to join in on its scheduled dog walks, which is roughly a 3km scenic hike through the lush mountains. However, we reckoned it may take an immense amount of self-restraint to not fall in love with one or several good doggos during your hike!

The shelter is only opened to the public during these scheduled walks, so do check its official Facebook page for the tentative dates and timings.