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Five Reasons to check into The Celestine Kyoto Gion

Here’s why you should consider staying at this affordably luxurious local hotel during your next trip to the cultural heart of Japan

By Mavis Teo

Photos: Celestine Gion Kyoto

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1. Superb Location

In Kyoto, a tourist often has to compromise location for a decent standard of stay, or vice versa. However, the opening of  The Celestine Kyoto Gion last September means you can get both. Located in the Higashimaya district, The Celestine Kyoto Gion is smack ion the midst of the old town, giving easy access to colourful and historic Gion. It is also within walking distance to several temples including Kiyomizu-dera and Kennin-ji. On a fine day, you could easily walk down to Nishiki market for artisanal Japanese foodstuff and souvenirs.

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