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Festivals To Attend Outside Of Singapore For The Remaining 2017

Witness some of the most fabulous festivals that may require a plane ticket out of our tropical island

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Photo: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay


Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: 30 December 2017 – 1 January 2018

Wheel in the 2018 at Hogmanay – the epitome of all New Year’s celebrations. Apart from the standard fireworks and a countdown concert, Hogmanay has popular dances, an ice rink, Christmas markets, a Ferris wheel, a torchlight procession on the 30th, a proper music festival on the 31st, the nutsy Loony Dook race as well as an visual art spectacle taking place over nine bizarre venues called Scot:Lands. The activities at Hogmanay is perfect for all ages. Tickets start from $20 per activity.

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