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Brides-To-Be Can Now Experience Happily Ever After As Cinderella

Wedding dreams come true at Disney World

By Samantha Francis


You can even pretend to elope from the castle.

While real life is far from being a fairytale, engaged lovebirds can now make true their vows for an eternity of happily ever after.


How about a red cape for dramatic effect?

Whether you dream of being awoken by true love’s kiss, bring rescued from the Evil Stepsister by your true love or getting hitched like Cinderella, there’s at least one fantasy you can (somewhat) fulfill.


A dreamy garden for your wedding.

Recently, Disney Weddings announced a newly sanctioned wedding venue at its Florida resort — the East Plaza Gardenwhich lies at the end of Magic Kingdom Park’s Main Street, just in front of Cinderella’s castle.

For years, Disney World has been a popular venue for those seeking a Disney princess-esque wedding, with the Railroad Train Station being the only other allowed setting within Magic Kingdom Park.


We’d love to arrive in Cinderella’s coach.

Of the 35 total venues, many are located at Epcot, with a couple at Disney’s various restaurants and ballrooms.


Off we go!

East Plaza Garden now represents an enchanting opportunity to take real-life love stories up a notch —  couples can share their vows as if on the set of a storybook, arriving on the aisle in Cinderella’s coach.


White horses, check. Pumpkin turn coach, check.

But unless you’ve got an actual Fairy Godmother, be prepared to shell out up a minimum of $25,000.

Who said fairytales don’t come at a price? 

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