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#BucketList: Aurora Australis Illuminates With Its Splendour

A must-visit when at New Zealand — the elusive sister of the northern light


While most travellers clamour for a glimpse of the iconic Aurora Borealis or what is commonly known as the Northern Lights, they’ll be glad to know that its southern counterpart Aurora Australis is as spectacular. While lesser known, these lights are far more accessible.

Displaying a brilliant spectrum of psychedelic colours, the Aurora Australis dazzles over the southern horizon in Dunedin, New Zealand, where it is remote with very little light pollution. Depending on the watcher’s vantage point, the mesmerising lights are often framed by hills and bodies of water, causing reflections that make for the perfect photo-op moment.

While March and September are the best time to view the lights, June and July are equally ideal as the sky is darkest then, allowing aurora viewing to more dramatic to witness. For accommodation, consider staying on the Otago Peninsula, which is among the best places to view the lights.