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Stay in a bubble under the stars

Enjoy the great outdoors and stargaze all night from the comfort and luxury of your own bubble dwelling

Bubble Suite Allauch 3
The Bubble Suite gives a panoramic view of the night sky, while protecting you from insects

As the famous saying by Oscar Wilde goes, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” It’s time to get out of the gutter and to gaze upon starry skies.

Escape the city and head to France for a unique experience like to no other. Attrap’ Rêves allows you to rent a bubble and sleep under the stars, right in the heart of the forest.

With the stars dancing overhead, lie back and enjoy a sanctuary of peace, comfort, privacy and safety.

Camping in Luxury

Attrap’ Rêves was founded in 2010 by two siblings and is based in Allauch, France. This unique accommodation in the heart of nature will give you a chance to stay outdoors with no worry about muddy grounds, insects or safety.

Bulle Zen Allauch 1
One of the bubbles in the Calanques Mountains in Allauch, France, that gives you peace and quiet amidst lush surroundings

It doesn’t matter if it rains; you won’t have to fret about your belongings getting wet or fixing that nasty leak on your tent. Catering is available, so you won’t have to trek out of the forest for meals. (No, you don’t have to go hunting or slave over firewood either.)

Just relax, and snuggle up in your very own ‘bubble’, with the stars overhead. You can even opt for a 30-minute open-air Jacuzzi session, taking luxury in the wild to the next level.

Bulle Zen Montagnac 2
Each bubble includes hotel comfort, amenities and good ventilation, this one in Zen style in Montagnac

These bubbles are made with recyclable plastic and are maintained by a blower, which also supplies fresh air into the bubble at all times. Idyllic, surrounded by forests and greenery, yet not too far away from town, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the quiet while soaking in the freshness of Mother Nature.

If you’re lucky, you may even encounter rabbits and squirrels scampering across or nibbling on a nut. The bubbles were built for two, so you can bring your other half for this unique and romantic vacation.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Imagine watching the sunset, with the sky becoming a palette of red, orange and pink. Comforting glows bask the earth with warmth before night falls.

Bulle Zen by night Forcalquier

You retreat into your bubble before it gets cold outside and huddle by the heater. Each bubble comes fully-equipped with a telescope and a star chart, so whip it out and start stargazing like a pro. You’ll be able to see the Little Bear (Ursa Minor) and Great Bear (Ursa Major) constellations from the bubbles in La Bouilladisse.

The abundance of stars painted across the night sky never fails to make me feel small compared to the great big world out there. Watching the night and the simple tranquillity of everything makes this a good chance for reflection, or just soaking up the emotions with someone next to you.

Choose between Attrap’ Rêves’ six bubbles for a different atmosphere. The “Love Nature” bubble is popular in online reviews, especially since it comes with grass flooring and an awe-striking panoramic view of the countryside.

Getting back to Nature

Attrap’ Rêves provides bubbles for five equally-stunning locations in France – Allauch , St Maime, La Bouilladisse, Montagnac-Monpezat, Forcalquier and Puget-Ville. Explore the Canlanques National Park in Allauch, boasting majestic landscapes of The Soubeyrannes Cliffs and The Calanques Mountain range. Uncover the Roman ruins at La Bouilladisse and take a hike to the caves, la grotte du Tonneau.

Bulle Glamour Forcalquier 1

Alternatively, find peace and quiet on a canoe at the Saint Croix Lakes and time your visit in January to pay a visit to the truffle market in the village of Montagnac-Monpezat. With a different atmosphere at each site, and each immensely beautiful in its own right, the experience at Attrap’ Rêves is certainly not one to be missed.

Find out more about the bubble dwellings online at www.attrap-reves.com/en. Prices start from €109 per night.

By Samantha Phey