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Leaping off great heights

Macau is home to not only a UNESCO World Heritage site, a whole strewn of casinos, but also to the World’s Highest Bungy Jump at the Macau Tower. Face your fears – and take that leap of faith.

Europe in Asia


Macau, located off the coast from Hong Kong, had all along been a territory of Portugal, right until 1999. As one of the earliest in Asia to become a European colony and the last to be relinquished, Macau thus has a more visible colonial history than anywhere else in Asia – and is evident through the Portuguese influences left behind in Macau, from the island’s rich architecture to their mouth-watering delicacies.

Though best known for being a gambler’s paradise, Macau is also rich in attractions and culture, thanks to centuries of fusion between the European – more specifically, Portuguese and Chinese cultures. Visit the Historic Centre of Macau – Ruins of St. Paul, Senado Square, St. Augustine Church and more, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Hit the jackpot


Better known for the amount of casinos scattered all around the island, Macau is also famously known as “Vegas of the East”. Today, the city is not the world’s number one gambling operation, earning revenue from casinos that surpasses even gambling cities to the likes of Las Vegas. Have a go at the popular casinos, including The Sands Macau, Wynn Macau and the Galaxy Rio Casino.

The leap of faith


What’s the best way to get down a tower that is a whooping 230m (over 60 stories, mind you) in height? By leaping off it, of course. Come experience the World’s Highest Bungy Jump at the Macau Tower – free falling at a speed of up to 200km/h. It’ll in fact be over in a couple of seconds and then, you can enjoy both the experience and the view.


Free-falling over 230m not your kind of thing? Fret not, the AJ Hackett Macau Tower has much more to offer apart from bungy jumping. Try sky jumping, a controlled, less challenging decent experience – no free falling or rebounding and in a standing position, staying that way all the way to the ground – all from the same platform at 233m high.


Come experience the hair-raising fun of the sky walk, walking on the edge of the outer perimeter of the same platform you bungee jump – safety harness in place, of course, but without any handrail!

What better way to admire Macau’s (and even Mainland China’s) skyline and architecture whilst sitting on the edge of a platform, 233m in the air? Already getting cold feet from reading about these activities? Try the less challenging tower climb, or walk up the high exposure platform for a stunning view.

Getting there

From Singapore, Tigerair flies direct to Macau to the Macau International Airport. From Hong Kong, ferry options are available from the Shun Tak in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island and from the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Shui in Kowloon.

By Eu Shuqi