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5 Must-Visit Night Markets In Australia

It’s easy to gravitate towards a bustling night market. The buzz in the air is gripping as a chattering crowd wanders along lanes of colourful stalls, permeating the air with the aroma of delicious foods. In Australia, it’s a scene that you can immerse yourself in throughout the country.

1. Cairns Night Markets, Queensland

There is something for everyone at the Cairns Night Markets. From locally-sourced produce and gorgeous leather goods to delicious Japanese crepes, you will have a splendid time filling up your tummy and shopping bags. On top of the air-conditioned centre with 130 stalls, there also is a 200-seat food court to properly savour your food and drinks.

NightQuarter, Gold Coast

2. NightQuarter, Gold Coast

Billed as a ‘festival every weekend’, NightQuarter lives up to its hefty title with its food, music and culture to create an infectious ambience. Mini eateries are hosted in shipping containers and bars offer cocktails, local wines, craft beer. Get yourself a decadent grub and a beer to enjoy the roving line-up of talented musicians and performers.

3. Chinatown Markets, Sydney

Two words: Oriental delight. When you want to soak up on Asian culture and goods, the Chinatown Night Market is the place to be. Apart from the usual stores selling affordable clothes, fancy jewellery and beauty products, you will find dragon beard candy-maker, a fortune teller and even some tattoo artists for the bolder ones. Come with an empty stomach and feast on Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese cuisine right here at the market!

Hobart Twilight Market, Tasmania

4. Hobart Twilight Market, Tasmania

Long Beach in Lower Sandy Bay is the perfect setting for this thriving market. Not only does it showcase famous Tassie treats, art, jewelleries and clothes, but the iconic  Hobart Twilight Market is also kids- and pet-friendly! The chilled-out vibe at this market makes it the ideal spot to relax with a drink in hand, especially if the weather is at its kindest.

St Kilda Twilight Market, Melbourne

5. St Kilda Twilight Market, Melbourne

It’s tough to beat a summer night in St Kilda, and the allure is even stronger each Thursday as O’Donnell Gardens transforms into St Kilda Twilight Market that hosts a hive of activities. With the iconic Luna Park as a backdrop, the market boasts a vast range of stalls selling anything from arts and crafts to delectable treats.