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5 Non-Cliche Souvenirs You Should Be Buying From NYC

Forget about the tacky and overpriced “I love New York” T-shirts

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Here’s my confession: I used to splurge excessively on useless souvenirs while traveling.

As somebody who travels to New York pretty often, I’ve bought everything from the cliche landmark keychains to “I love NY” t-shirts and even miniature Statues of Liberty.

I mean, why not? The gruelingly long flight to the Big Apple justifies these rash shopping decisions.

Soon after, I realised these souvenirs wound up collecting dust and learnt that perhaps less is more.

As such, here are my top five souvenir alternatives, that are worth every cent:

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1. Exclusive Starbucks Times Square Collection

Are you an avid Starbucks merchandise collector? Don’t miss out on these exclusive Starbucks Time Square collection of mugs, tumblers, and water bottles.

These exclusive designs can only be bought in New York City, specifically at Time Square outlets. Bonus! A casual check with staff revealed that selected merchandise are also now on 25% discount off retail price. Prices start from USD$12.95 onwards.

1500 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

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