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5 Crazy Escape Games We Want To See In SG

Escape from reality by escaping from these insane themed games

By Pamela Chow

What better way is there to escape from reality than to plant yourself in an alternate – and possibly absurd – universe? We’re not talking about movies or art galleries here; escape rooms launch you into an adventure where you and your friends must wield wits and courage to break out of a seemingly impossible situation.

We’ve had our fair share of escape games in Singapore – check out the most chilling ones that are now open – but here’s a look at the craziest escape rooms in the world that we hope to be a part of one day.

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Photo: Real Escape Game USA

1. Multiple endings, open time limit

As part of this year’s J-Pop Summit (23-24 Jul), Real Escape Game has launched a revolutionary escape game format where teams can choose their own adventure. There will be puzzles leading to branching paths and different endings – and because there’s no hour-long time limit, participants can even replay the game to experience other endings.

Regardless of entry time, teams can play until the game ends at 4.30pm on each day.

J-Pop Summit 2016, 2 Marina Blvd, Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco, California 94123

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