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10 Unique and Affordable Grad Trip Ideas That Are Based On Your Travel Interests

There’s more you can explore on a budget than just Bangkok and Bali

You did it! You survived all the exams, group projects and papers – now it’s time for your well-earned break! One of the best things about graduating is going on a grad trip with your friends to celebrate your newfound freedom. But when the whole world is suddenly your oyster, you’ll realise that your bank balance isn’t exactly your best friend at the moment that makes planning for a far-flung vacation something of a challenge.

So we’ve done the research for you and put together a list of budget-friendly trips that doesn’t sacrifice your fun and excitement. Our advice is to explore the hidden gems around us in the vast and diverse regions of Asia and Oceania. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual or intellectual experience, a food or adventure paradise, there’s a vacation spot to suit your interests and personality.

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Photo: China Discovery

1. For Nature Lovers:The grasslands of Inner Mongolia

Perfect for a relaxing getaway from the busy city, Inner Mongolia will wow you with its vast grasslands. Most popular and closest to the capital city, Hohhot, is Xilamuren Grassland. But for a more off-the-beaten-track and intimate experience of the luxuriant pastures, travel further to the Huitengxile and Hulunbuir grasslands. Discover the nomadic life of the Mongols through the folk customs like horseriding, watching wrestling and rodeo games, trying the mutton banquets, and staying with a local family at one of the traditional yurts. To enjoy the best of the local folk culture, visit the grasslands during the Nadaam Festival generally held from mid-August to the end of September. Can’t get enough of the natural beauty? Extend your trip to include Inner Mongolia’s famous deserts – Badanjilin Desert, Tenger Desert and Resonant Sand Gorge (in Kubuqi Desert).

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