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10 Magical Things To Do In Yangon You Never Knew Existed

Yangon: A novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see

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With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, Yangon – formerly known as Rangoon – is best felt without the usual humdrum sightseeing tours.

Instead, surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Burmese language, as you uncover an enriching experience of scenic temples, colonial buildings and mobile street food vendors.

Here are 10 ways to get you started:

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

1. The National Races Village

You may not be able to visit every state and region in Myanmar, but you can get an invaluable glimpse of the country’s diversity at the National Races Village. Here lies a collection of homes belonging to Myanmar’s different ethnic groups; namely the Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan people.

Learn about the blend of cultures and lives that the locals lead. Additionally, there are costume rentals and restaurants here that serve traditional cuisines from the various regions for you to have a taste of.

The National Races Village has an entrance fee of  US$2.55 and is open from 9am-6pm.

Yandar Road, Thaketa, Yangon, Myanmar.

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