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Yoon Salon Solves Every Girl’s Dilemma

If you are a female you will know that there’s one thing more important than lipsticks or nail polish. Yes, that’s right, the condition of your tresses.

The struggle for every girl is very real and can be disastrous if not well taken care of. Especially here in Singapore with a humid climate where it can be hot in one instance and suddenly turn chilly and dry when you step into the office or air-conditioned malls. Coupled that with school/ work stress and relationships to juggle, it’s no wonder your locks’ health will take a toll.

Frizzy, dull, heat-damaged locks or split ends and worst, hair loss – you name it, these are unsurprisingly very common problems for every Singaporean woman.

And ladies, take note: someone who is well-presented with clean, healthy luscious locks leaves a better impression on her spouse, friends, work associates, bosses and society in general, as it offers the impression that she is well-kempt and takes care of not just herself but her life too. Of course, we are not encouraging you to dress in luxury from head to Manolo Blahnik everyday, but please do not let the condition of your tresses slide, otherwise, the consequence can be dire.

In Singapore, there’s definitely no shortage of salons and talented stylists, but because they rarely have to deal with highlights, bleaching and/or creative styling AND with expert understanding of proper treatment there really are only a handful of stylist that you can trust upon to handle your mane correctly and with proper care. Also, the quality of products used by some boutiques can be questionable, and the chemicals could be too harsh to your follicles and scalp, leaving more damage to your tresses.

While spying on an outlet’s products first before trying could be an option, it is much better a decision (and save the hassle!) to head to a reputable salon which uses quality products you need to keep your beautiful mane in tip-top condition.

Yoon Salon: Say Hello to Healthy Luscious Hair

With premises centrally located around Singapore’s posh shopping districts, Yoon Salon is the go-to haven for every woman who encounters troubling issues and has beauty goals. As one of the leading salons in Singapore with a roster of the most sought after stylists and experts, the outlets offer an exclusive suite of customised treatment to answer every woman’s tresses and scalp needs. This beauty haven has built up a reputable client base for its exceptional service, attention to details and quality treatment provided. Their brand is also known for their relaxing head massages with nourishing shampoos and treatment, a definite bliss to the locks and soul!

The boutique salon offers a gamut of targeted treatments for every type of locks need including:

– Premium Haircut
– Premium Wash and Blow
– Premium Hair Colouring
– Premium Bleaching
– Premium Creative Hair Colouring
– Premium Hair Rebonding
– Premium Hair Perming
– Premium Creative Hair Shaping
– Hair Defrizzing Treatment
– Hair Regrowth Treatment

Get Access to the Best Stylist and Products Possible

Equipped with a professional team of the most sought-after stylists, you can be rest assured that you receive only the best perms, rebonding and colouring services, so say goodbye to yellow-Sahara-desert-tumbleweed perms or brassy highlights!

Just take a quick scroll through the website and you will find various works by their skilled stylists – gorgeous burgundy colouring that matches the client’s skin tone, and striking rainbow colours artfully executed. No style is too difficult or too outrageous for these pros. From basic cuts to rebonding, the stylists will recommend the best style that compliments your face shape, complexion and personality to bring out the best in you.

Another plus point? YOON gets two thumbs up for its carefully curated high-quality haircare range and uses ONLY premium and gentle products. Not to mention the stellar service rendered to make your every visit as indulgent as possible.

Mane Woes? No Fuss

Looking to resolve some of the woes your tresses are facing? YOON’s Hair Defrizzing Treatment is known to be a saver for its impressive track record of restoring damaged and frizzy tresses back to strong, silky smooth condition.

If you suffer from hair-loss or sensitive scalp, the ultra-calming Hair Regrowth Treatment will help restore your confidence back. Starting off with deep follicular exfoliation to PDT treatment and relaxing lymphatic massage, you will step out of the outlet with a healthy, oil-controlled crown. A definite beloved pampering ritual to boot.

Get Ready to be Primped and Pampered

With a slew of styling services and treatment personalised to your needs, together with seasoned stylists and care experts as well as the use of only top-notch quality products, there is no doubt that female customers will have an ultimate hair-pampering experience.

Need further proof of the services? Just take a look at the glowing reviews by their customers and you will know what keeps them coming back.

Try 1 Session for S$28

Check out their website for the special first trial promotion at just S$28. Terms and conditions apply.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @yoonsalon
Instagram: @yoonsalon.sg
Linkedin: @yoon-salon

Outlets and Contact Information:
– Midpoint Orchard, 220 Orchard Road, #01-02, Singapore 238852, Tel: 6235 3816
– Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway, #02-29, Singapore 149053, Tel: 6261 0913
– Havelock II, 2 Havelock Rd, #01-04, Singapore 059763, Tel: 6223 0224