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#WeekenderWears: What’s In Our Favourite Bags?

Take a sartorial dive into our favourite arm candies and discover the essentials we can’t quite live without

Photos: Weekender / Shot on Olympus PEN E-PL8

Arm candy, It Bag — call it what you will.

These days, bags are no longer just practical places to stash your belongings.

They’ve evolved to become the 21st century’s icon of sartorial identity, an extension of your personality, what you like and what you do.

Whether you fancy a chic crossbody bag or a fuss-free haversack, a bag is something highly personal.

In a bid to share a bit more about themselves, the Weekender team is spilling the beans (and their bags) on the things they can’t quite live without, from beauty products to travel essentials.

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Samantha, Assistant Editor

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