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#WeekenderTries: Ikeda Spa Pure Autumn Glow

Indulge in perfect relaxation with this treatment from Ikeda Spa 

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“With sake and rice bran as the stars of this treatment, I knew I was in for a treat with the Pure Autumn Glow Treatment at Ikeda Spa.

After a 30-min brightening rice bran scrub was applied to slough off dead skin cells, it was time to dip into the piping hot sake bath. Though the heat needed getting used to, I could feel the stress slowly leaving my body once I settled in.

It was no surprise then, to find out that the bath is said to encourage healthy bloody circulation. Plus, sake is enriched with kojic acid, which helps to reduce melanin production and promote radiance.

You can opt of the gentler Inyou Relaxation Massage but I chose the Amma Deep Tissue Massage instead on the advice of my therapist. Though I was already feeling relaxed from the bath, she said that I still held plenty of tension in my shoulders and back.

Anyone familiar with sports massage techniques would know to expect a heavy-handed touch. Thankfully, only “good pain” was experienced and I could feel all my knots and kinks thoroughly worked out after the 60-min session.”

At $188 per session; Autumn seasonal promo for the month of September 2016 only.

Ikeda Spa, 787 Bukit Timah Road