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Save Your Crown: Japanese Salon COVO Pampers Your Hair & Scalp With Two New Treatments

Go from drag to fab with these Japanese hair treatments  

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It’s easy to feel like a princess. All you need is a trip down to a fabulous salon, get your tresses trimmed and treated, and viola – you now look like a million bucks! But at Japanese hair salon COVO, the professionals do not just whip your mane into shape, but also nourishes the hair and scalp with two new treatments including Tokio Inkarami ($180) and Argan Colour ($130), where the colour solution is mixed with pure Argan Oil.

We tried these treatments for ourselves when we popped by the cosy hair hideout, which coincidentally is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year!

Tokio Inkarami Treatment

For those who are in need of some hair strengthening and want to see an improvement in their hair quality, then you’d best undergo the Tokio Inkarami treatment offered at CONVO. Loosely translated to mean ‘combining ingredients inside’ in English. the Inkarami treatment contains a boast of ingredients such as anti-oxidant Fullerene that is said to fight the high level of humidities in Singapore.  Available at $180 per session, you can opt to get a trial and purchase the Inkarami shampoo for $10 and experience the positive effects before committing to the full extent of the treatment.

Argan Colour Treatment

Some things gotta give. And when it comes to coloured hair, the quality of your tresses is seemingly the compromise. We’re talking limp, brittle and super dry hair that is almost hay-like due to many rounds of bleaching. But thanks be COVO as it offers the new Argan Colour treatment, where pure argan oil is mixed with the salon’s in-house made colour solution. This way, your hair and scalp are protected in spite of going through the usual bleaching procedure. The Argan Colour Treatment can be done at $130 and $110 for a subsequent touch-up.

Home care for your hair

It is unwise just to rely on salons for hair maintenance after putting your mane through the strenuous and chemical-filled processes of colouring, perming and rebonding. While having diligence and discipline are prerequisites for the home hair care plan, you’ll need to be armed with the right tools as well. COVO equips you with a range of hair products to ensure your locks are kept in optimal conditions after the aforementioned treatments. The salon also believes that beauty is maintained from within, hence offering an organic herbal Whitetree Tea series that cleanses the body at the cellular level. The tea range includes The Beauty Blend, The Detox Blend, and The Calming Blend (12 bags for $31 or 25 bags for $56).


What better reason to try something out for the first time than scoring it for free right? We’re giving away 02 x $100 vouchers to use at COVO, just see the Facebook post for details.

Prices for in-house treatments start from $50 up to $430. Weekender readers get to enjoy a 20% off for all new customers.


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