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#WeekenderTries: Pop Pilates At Virgin Active

Even Taylor Swift’s a fan of this rhythmic and body sculpting workout

Photo: Virgin Active


Pop Pilates is a class that sets classic Pilates exercises against the latest Top 40 pop hits.

After sweating it out at an hour-long Pop Pilates class, I am wholly convinced that a well-curated playlist of heart-thumping beats is the way to ease any tough workout.

Newly introduced at Virgin Active, the mat-based workout is the brainchild of health & fitness instructor and entrepreneur Cassey Ho — better known as the lady behind the popular fitness YouTube channel, Blogilates.

As its name suggests, Pop Pilates is a class that sets classic Pilates exercises against the latest Top 40 pop hits — no wonder the groovy Taylor Swift’s a fan.

We dived straight in with pliés, pausing and pulsing our thighs to the rhythm of the beat. This was soon alternated with a series of squat variations.

Pilates moves and pop beats

Just as our thigh muscles were starting to feel the burn, we continued with traditional Pilates exercises like Hundreds and Roll Ups.

The latter is a signature Pilates move where we lie on our backs and gradually roll up, pulling our abs in and deepening the curve of our spines. Then, we roll back down, vertebrae by vertebrae.

What sounds like a breeze to do, is in fact quite a challenge; especially when we had to roll up in one smooth motion!

As we performed various mat work and floor exercises, I felt myself engaging my core muscles better with each set and being able to hit the counts of the musical beats even when we went at double time.

On the whole, the class’ structured focus on the tights, abs and core, followed by balance, made it an effective albeit short work out.

Best of all? The choreographed moves coupled with high energy music left us bursting with endorphins after.

Pop Pilates is available for all club members at Virgin Active Raffles Place and Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar.

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