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#WeekenderTries: Most Effective Pigmentation Removal – Pico Laser

Some people feel that skincare is the best pigmentation removal treatment but these creams and serums are only helpful to a certain extend.

I have combination skin, pigmentations, and enlarged pores. As my T-zone is rather oily, I tend to experience mild breakouts too. Ever since I started visiting celebrity doctor, Dr. Gerard Ee at The Clifford Clinic for more than a year, my skin has calmed down a lot.

Dr. Ee recommended a combination of lasers for me. Pico laser for my pigmentations and long-pulsed laser to shrink the enlarged pores.

There are a lot of Pico lasers in the market but which one really works best? Picocare 450 Laser which The Clifford Clinic uses. Even that is not most effective as Dr. Ee commented that the results may still be different even if the same machine is used as it boils down to the settings. He always customizes the settings to suit his patients’ skin condition.

The Picocare 450 laser utilises the latest technology in laser to treat fine lines, pigmentation, and tattoo removal. The laser also addresses an extensive variety of skin concerns including hyperpigmentation and sunspots. The machine is also used for acne scars treatment in a different setting.

Some of the improvements that I have seen so far include skin brightening and whitening, pigmentations lightening, and eventually, disappearing.

Some people call Pico laser the lunchtime laser as the entire treatment takes about 15 minutes to complete. There is usually no downtime but if I have a stubborn spot, Dr. Ee may use a stronger setting to treat the spot, resulting in some form of redness. But fret not because the redness usually goes away after 30 minutes or so. I am extremely happy with the results so far!

Celebrity clinic, The Clifford Clinic is located at 24 Raffles Place #01-03, Clifford Centre. They are easily reachable at 6532 2400.