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#WeekenderTries: Kylie Lip Kit By Kylie Jenner

We find out if Kylie Jenner’s sell-out lipstick line is worth the obsession and hype

Cover photo: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Love it or hate it, when the Kardashians put their name to a product, the world sits up in curiosity.

And in the case of the youngest in the clan, it’s spawned a whole empire of top-selling cosmetics. Cue Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand with its popular Lip Kits and now, Kyshadows too.

Beauty editors and bloggers have listed ’em among their favourite products of the moments, while her fans spare no effort in sweeping up the new launches the moment they’re announced — usually very subtly on Kylie’s Snapchat.

So when we chanced upon these coveted Lip Kits in stock, we decided to order them because why not?

Here’s our verdict:

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“It felt like fate because my Kylie Lip Kit parcel arrived one day before my Hong Kong vacation. Clearly, I had to take it with me With a single application, it lasted me an entire day sans smudging or flaking. Two dim sum meals, one roast pork dish and three egg tarts later, my Dolce K lip colour was still intact. Here’s a pro tip: Apply lip balm before slathering on the Kylie Lip Kit for less of that annoyingly dry feeling.”

-Samantha Francis, Senior Writer

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