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#WeekenderTries: Flamingo Pink Hair By Kimage

Going full-blown pink is sure to put a spring in your step, even if it’s rainy, gloomy November

Photos: Weekender


When pink hair fades nicely, it’s always a bonus (Photo: Gerald Png).

The truth is, my pink hair had been more than a year in the making.

Last year, my heart fluttered a little when I chanced upon photos of model Fernanda Ly on the Louis Vuitton runway — her signature cotton candy mane commanding more attention than the fashion house’s Fall styles.

Then, Pantone, with much authority, announced rose quartz as one of their colours of the year. Soon after, it seemed like everybody got the cue for this season’s colour du jour.

Cara Delevingne famously donned a pink wig at a music festival, Lauren Conrad had the ends of her ponytail dipped in shocking pink, and who could forget, Kendall Jenner’s momentary brush with pale pink locks.


The result!

Multiple shades of pink

After a couple of salon visits where I settled for half-hearted pink highlights, I decided to take the plunge.

Since my hair was already semi-bleached, my Kimage hair colourist proceeded to lighten my hair once more before laying various shades of pink into my mane.

Instead of using a single shade of pink, she mixed strands of bright, neon-ish pinks with streaks of pale, barely-there blush tones to create a three-dimensional look.

Olapex treatment was mixed into the dye, thereby shortening the time I was to spend in my salon chair.

A mere three and half hours later? I emerged with glorious, flamingo pink hair, brought to life courtesy of her deft colouring technique.

So how does walking about with pink hair feel like, you might ask. Liberating, attention-seeking almost. Like an IT girl on crack, somebody quipped.

That said, I’m thoroughly enjoying how good it looks in photos!

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