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#WeekenderTries: Water Gradient Contact Lenses

We survived 12 hours with no dryness, discomfort or mascara smudges

Photos: Alcon/Shutterstock


ALCON Dailies Total1 aims to provide all day comfort to the eyes.

Find me a contact lens brand that doesn’t claim to offer all-day comfort and I’ll show you a sparkling unicorn.

That said, not many live up to the promise. I’ve had to suffer through contact lenses that stick on like a breeze but wound up feeling like sand paper on my eyeballs within less than half a day.

Nonetheless, we decided to put the ALCON Dailies Total1 lenses to the test.

The newly launched contact lens was created with two main goals in mind: To reduce friction with delicate tissues of the eye, and to provide the same level of comfort at the end of the day as when the lenses are first inserted into the eye.

Its marquee feature is a unique water gradient component, where its inner core contains a lower water content of 33% which enables more oxygen transmissibility between the lenses and the eyes.

On its outermost surface, the water content takes a gradual transition to over 80% water from core to surface, and approaches close to 100% at the outermost surface.

The result? Less friction between the contact lens and delicate tissues of the eye.


On the whole, ALCON Dailies Total1 did live up to its claims of being comfortable all day long.

Verdict: I started the day with mascara and eyeliner before putting on the lenses. True to its claim, the water content of the lenses helped to repel oil from my eye makeup.

Despite attempting to insert the lenses twice before succeeding, my mascara did not smudge.

After the lenses glided on, I could barely feel them. So far so good.

By midday and two appointments later, my eyes still felt relatively lubricated. Typically by then, I would’ve had to apply some eye drops.

12 hours later, I found myself chattering with friends over dinner. Still, my eyes weren’t feeling uncomfortable yet, although I could feel the lenses being there.

On the whole, ALCON Dailies Total1 did live up to its claims of being relatively comfortable all day long.

The only downside? Removing them wasn’t as easy as they still felt rather slippery to touch, compared to the average dailies, which would certainly have dried out by the end of a long day.

ALCON DAILIES TOTAL1 retails at S$73 for a box of 30 lenses, and is available at leading optical retail chains and outlets.