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Korean Model-Actress Stephanie Lee’s Beauty Secrets

Korea’s rising star Stephanie Lee on living, laughing and loving

By Lynn Yang; Photos: Courtesy of Neutrogena, Stephanie Lee / Instagram 

Breakout Korean-American model-actress Stephanie Lee has appeared in various Korean shows, including “Yong Pal” and “Running Man”, as well as countless commercials including a Guess Jeans print add alongside popular oppa Lee Min Ho.

Speaking to Weekender as she launches Neutrogena’s Deep Clean range, Lee is also nicknamed as Korea’s favourite “Neutrogena Girl” due to her frequent appearances in the brand’s commercials.

We quickly grabbed some K-star-worthy personal beauty tips from the ambassador. Read on to find out more on how to look fantastic and fabulous, according to Lee.

(Plus, read on to check out how well the new Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-To-Foam remover can cleanse makeup and dirt in just one step.)

What are some of your personal skincare secrets?

Stephanie Lee: When I am at home, I like to put on my moisturizer as a facial mask. I apply it every two hours to keep my skin hydrated, soft and supple.

What was it like working with major K-pop stars, and who is your favourite?

I find K-pop stars very fascinating. I count myself lucky and very fortunate to be able to work with many popular K-pop stars for commercials, editorials, and events. When I do get up close with them, I  do get (momentarily) starstruck. I am always mesmerised by their dancing and detailed choreography.

Picking a favourite star out of the many I worked with is just so difficult. In my opinion, every single one of them is special in their own ways.

How do you prepare yourself to look your best for your performances and appearances? Can you give us any workout tips?

I try to look good 24/7 because it is important to be on your best front for my job. I feel that having a great beauty and health routine is especially crucial. Working out is important too! I try my best to do as many sporting activities as I can.

Do you have a specially prescribed diet and what does it consist of?

No, I stay healthy by not having a special diet. [Laughs] I believe in eating freely and staying stress-free.


Korean stars are so competitive, what do you do to deal with the large amounts of pressure?

Yes, Korean stars are really competitive, aren’t they? I think it’s really important to stay positive at all times. I feel that by laughing and smiling (a lot), it helps me get rid of all the pressure and stress I face.

How do you handle trouble skin?  What do you do when a pimple pops out?

I normally emphasise the importance of letting it heal naturally, but during desperate times, it calls for desperate measures. In SOS situations like this,  I quickly run to the dermatologist for help.

How do you keep your skin hydrated despite your busy schedule?

I will always bring my travel kit with me and moisturise whenever I can while I am on the go.

What is your motto in life?

I believe in the three “L”s: Live, Laugh and Love.

What advice would you give to teenagers who aspire to be like you?

Again, they have to learn how to live well, laugh often and most importantly, love much.

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Weekender writers review Neutrogena’s Deep Clean range

Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam

Photo: Neutrogena

1. Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-to-Foam

Tried and Tested By Samantha Francis, Senior Writer

“For years, my nightly beauty routine had begun with a makeup removal product.

While facial cleansers that doubled as makeup removers left me skeptical about their ability to remove the gunk thoroughly, I had no qualms about trying the new Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil-To-Foam.
With wet palms and a dollop of the cleansing oil, I started massaging away the traces of my makeup. The product lathered up nicely into foam within seconds, leaving my skin ready for a final rinse.
Lo and behold, my skin emerged squeaky clean with not a single residue of makeup — save for a tiny smidgen of my waterproof mascara.”

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