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Spring cleaning decluttering hacks

These creative tricks and pieces of furniture can speed up your spring cleaning and enliven your nest


Have a dedicated tray or area for your favourite magazines, and clear it out regularly to avoid piling up clutter. 


Have you ever been astounded by how many things you own — even items you have no use for? You’re not alone.

A recent survey of 520 Singaporeans revealed that more than 70 per cent found their homes cluttered with items that they no longer use.

The survey, conducted by Nanyang Technological University’s (In)visible Spaces campaign, also showed that the number one culprit of clutter is sentimental value.

If you’re finding it hard to clear out the old and welcome the new, look no further. Thanks to these tricks and recommendations for easy spring cleaning, no mountain is too high to overcome — not even that towering pile of junk at home.



Having a clutter-free home not only lifts the mood of guests, especially during the Lunar New Year, it also contributes to a healthy and efficient lifestyle says Jo Ong, First Interior Designer, IKEA. She recommends organising storage based on how often items are used, in order to match your needs and preferences.

However, instead of simply storing or trashing objects en masse, Castlery co-founder Declan Ee advises, “Pick the ones that really matter and donate the rest.”

Keeping that in mind, follow these steps by local company Declutter Professionals. Walk around the room, putting anything out of place into a large bin. Then, return each item to its proper storage place while disposing unwanted articles.

Declutter Professionals also recommends recycling magazines every month, and having a designated tray or box for loose items such as remote controls.




IKEA’s Bosnäs footstool ($19.90) can store stray items for easy access when you need them.


Decluttering is only the first step to a beautiful home. Declan adds, “To maintain a spacious-looking home, you need consistency.” The ultimate trick: Innovative space-saving furniture.

Pieces like the Harry Stool (price unavailable) from BW Furniture keep things simple yet homely. Magazines and CDs can be stacked at the base of this Japanese-inspired piece, making clutter look quaint and inviting.

If you’d rather stow your items out of sight, go with IKEA’s Bosnäs footstool ($19.90), which can store stray items for easy access when you need them.

And have you ever noticed how empty the corners of your closet are? Maximise storage space with creative add-ons like IKEA’s Komplement pull-out hanger ($15). This handy hook can store scarves and belts, which can then be easily accessed without unearthing your whole wardrobe.

Castlery carries a sleek counter that will make the modern minimalist swoon. The Herman Coffee Table ($429) is half-black gloss, and the matte-walnut half slides out to reveal storage perfect for remotes and other loose items.

BW Furniture also carries the perfect replacement for that rickety table you unfold at reunion dinners. Its Nett Table (price unavailable) uses the same space-saving concept but with a chic monochrome look — so even if you can’t store it, it looks neat and sleek.




Glossier paints are usually easier to wash, making them ideal for kids’ rooms and areas with more visitors. (Photo: Pink- Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Pte Ltd)


Now that you have tricks for clearing away big items, what about getting rid of dust once and for all? Sweeping through your home regularly is a must but the paint that you choose can actually help keep grime away and make cleaning easier.

Nippon Paint Singapore spokesperson Kitty Tan advises that usually the glossier the paint, the easier it is to wash. So choose paint with a soft sheen for rooms with young children or many visitors.

For this purpose, Nippon Paint’s Odour-less Medifresh ($103/5L) can protect your walls against mould and mildew — the culprits that cause stains, odour and bacteria. Odour-less EasyWash ($110/5L) is also extremely easy to clean, as it has superior stain resistance and easy stain-removal properties.

Grab your brooms and brushes, and begin cleaning for the Lunar New Year!


Clutter-free tips from professionals

  1. Use furniture that’s lower to the ground so you have more wall space to install shelves.
  2. Purchase furniture that you can reconfigure, making it easier to reorganise and spring-clean.
  3. Keep all flat surfaces like tables and counter tops clutter-free.
  4. Use storage boxes within drawers to maximise space and be well-organised.

By Pamela Chow