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Stay Fresh And Beautiful With These Eco-Friendly Perfumes

Smell good and save the Earth at the same time

By Lynn Yang; Cover photo: Courtesy of Clean

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If you are an eco-friendly beauty, be sure to check out American perfume and body care brand Clean. They’ve recently launched Clean Reserve, a new collection of nine “niche, authentic, sustainable and personal” fragrances.

There are six new fragrances: Amber Saffron, Blonde Rose, Smoked Vetiver, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods and Velvet Flora, plus new “Reserve Blend” editions of three older Clean fragrances (Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton).

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Rather than being based on aesthetics or celebrity endorsements, this series of perfumes is created with responsibly sourced ingredients, eco-conscious manufacturing processes and packaging.You can also create your own bespoke scent by layering, to create your own unique artisan perfume.

10 points to Clean for the effort of  Saving Gaia, while letting us smell fresh and clean.

The Clean Reserve collection is available now at Sephora, 100 ml Eau de Parfum for $128 each.

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