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Self-care Essentials You Need During Circuit Breaker

We're all about that positive thinking and in this time of social distancing and self-quarantine, we think it's time to up the ante on our self-care routines!

From face masks to body masks, hair serums to manicure essentials, water filters to cleansing jellies; do you have these various self-care items at home?

Get ready to treat yourself from the comfort and safety of your home with our recommendations.

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2. MINON Amino Moist, $21.90

MINON Amino Moist’s newly launched Clear Wash Powder provides a more delicate cleansing alternative with the use of amino acids and active enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells and blackheads. MINON Amino Moist is made for those with dry and sensitive skin, making this wash powder gentle enough to be used daily!

The powder lathers up into a frothy foam that packs a whole blend of hydrating and clarifying amino acids that naturally buff away impurities, working into the deeper layers of the skin to moisturise and strengthen it from the inside out. The enzymes and amino acids also remove unwanted keratin to leave skin supple and smooth, and rids dullness to boost skin’s radiance.

Available at Watsons, Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, Tokyu Hands, Venus, and MEIDI-YA Supermarket.

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