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Places to Shop for Stylish Face Masks in Singapore

Your #OOTD now is no longer about your dress, top and bottoms! Be it good or bad, face masks are one of  the must-haves in your wardrobes now.

Face masks have become a part of our daily outfits as it is compulsory to wear them once we step out of the house. If you love matching your masks to your outfits, here are some really stylish face masks that you can consider.

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1. Cassey Gan

Comfort and style are of equal importance for the Cassey Gan Mask. These colourful masks are available for adults and kids from 3-12 years old. Tie a knot at the elastics on each side of the mask into ear loops. The size of the ear loops can be adjusted according to your face size and ultimately fit snugly yet comfortably against the side of the face.

Available at society-a.com.

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