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Gucci Launches ‘The Alchemist’s Garden’: Would You Pay Big Bucks For This Luxury Collection?

This apothecary-style fragrance collection can be layered to create your own bespoke scent

Photos: Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden

2019 seems to be a big year for Gucci in terms of their fragrance collection. Since the release of Bloom in 2017, this year has seen its biggest collection of 14 fragrances created in collaboration with perfumer Alberto Morillas.

The scents are separated into Eau de Perfumes, scented waters and perfumed oils; and are designed to be layered to create your very own bespoke scent.

Acque Profumate – Fading, Melody and Serenade,$345.00

“The oils and acque profumate create individual statements. Personalize your beloved scent with an oil or a floral water to build a unique sillage. Each oil or floral water of the collection can be layered with each Eau de Parfum. Just play with the scent to find your favourite, as an alchemist would work to find the gold formula,” says Alberto Morillas.

Eau de Parfum – The Voice of the Snake, The Eyes of The Tiger and A Song for the Rose, $619.00

“The idea that some primary scents of perfumery, like the essences of the flowers, the green scent of some plants could be joined to atmospheres, linked to memories. And also link to the idea that a perfume in an alchemical way can through a scent bring you back to a different place, through a sense so strong and so important for every human being,”- Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

The Voice of the Snake, The Eyes of The Tiger and A Song for the Rose are three out of the seven poetically-named EDPs; with the first a heady mix of patchouli and saffron around the note of mysterious Oud, the second featuring Benzoin and Tonka with a dark hint of Vanilla to convey the rich amber eyes of the Tiger; and the last being the most feminine of all seven, featuring the floral notes of rose and sweet, woody musk.

Scented Oil – The Virgin Violet, $619.00

One highlight of the collection is the intricate gold design that embellishes each of the bottles and boxes. Each EDP bottle has a unique individual animal symbol, detailed in gold. For those who purchase the collection’s scented candle, you’ll be delighted to know that the white porcelain jar is decorated with real gold!

The entire collection in itself is indeed a masterpiece, don’t you think? We are simply in love with it!

GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden is available exclusively at TANGS Tang Plaza, TANGS Vivocity and TANGS online.