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Singapore Brands: Loco for Local

The common gripe about the Singaporean fashion sense is the propensity to err on the side of being too casual

Or being dressed inappropriately for the setting!

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about fashion at all. We have many home-grown, talented Singaporean designers changing the perception of style, one thread at a time.

Word On The Street


The founder of Word On The Street, Cedric has been a hip-hop dancer for a couple of years now. Realizing the growing prevalence of street culture not just in the dance scene but amongst youths everywhere, he decided it was time to break into the street fashion market.

Word On The Street (W.O.T.S) was thus born – a concept of apparel designs around quotes, lyrics and any text from influential artistes that relate with anyone who appreciates this street culture. W.O.T.S hopes ambitiously to further their brand and reach influences beyond local shores and to eventually be able to champion the street culture globally.

At the core it is a fiercely passionate man who wants nothing more than to bring what he loves, street culture, to a wider, global audience.

Visit www.facebook.com/pages/Word-on-the-Street/515033935284004



Iselean Valath is not merely a pretty face. As it turns out, she has a knack for accentuating a woman’s curves with her own edgy sense of style, resulting in flattering panelled dresses, unique hemlines, and contrasting shades.

Visit www.arcival.com


Pronounced “do-jen”, this freckled beauty, Chelsea Scott-Blackwell, is the mastermind behind the high-fashion street brand Dzojchen. She whips up well-fitted jeans, jackets, and footwear made of quality leather and denim for both men and women. She has presented her collection in Paris and Seoul, as well as in Singapore fashion weeks.

Visit www.dzojchen.com



Designers Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim created the brand Depression post-advertising career after hitting a low point in their lives. The duo has certainly reached a high point with recognition from both local and international celebrities alike. Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas even called them once when he was in town for directions to their store!

Visit www.depression.com.sg

Kae Hana

If you’re a fan of big Oriental-inspired prints and want to stand out in the crowd, you can look towards Kae Hana. She has taken part in the #DigitalFashionWeek as well as the Audi Fashion Festival. Unfortunately, the brand seems to have gone missing after Parco Next Next wound down. We hope to see it up and running again soon!



Funny enough, local designer Max Tan, the brains behind the brands Saturday and Max.Tan, seems to have gained more traction abroad in Nordic countries such as Norway, as well as the Middle Eastern cities like Kuwait, than in Singapore. More stores carry his brand abroad, and he has plans to tackle the Big Four of fashion (Paris, Milan, New York, and London) as soon as possible.

Visit www.max-tan.com


eh siala

Okay, we admit it… this isn’t really haute couture. Instead, it is a slightly more hipster and young idea. Statement started out as a mere t-shirt template with slogans on it from Facebook, but slowly printed quintessentially Singaporean phrases such as “Please Revert.”, “Uh Uh Siol” and “No Lah Where Got” on plain white or black crewneck t-shirts. There are a couple ruder phrases we can’t print, but feel free to explore their website.

Visit www.statement.sg