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Fash Snips – Style Setters in Singapore

Looking for an outfit inspiration to follow on Instagram? Why not find a local style setter? Here is our take on the top five fashionistas of Singapore


Melody Tan

Melody resides in Singapore, but dreams of moving to London. She loves travelling to different locations to take photos of herself. She has a powerful following on her personal blog, MissingAveune. Her looks are, in a word, inspiring, with backdrops almost as stunning as her keen dress sense.


Willabelle Ong

Willabelle launched her fashion blog in Australia. It consists mainly of Willabelle’s thoughts and observations on fashion. Celebrated for her elegant and eclectic style, Willabelle’s wardrobe has a cult following and is highly adored by the likes of Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens.


Clara Liew

Clara Liew is a fashion blogger based in Singapore. As the content editor for Vauntstyle, a local website that mirrors Lookbook’s concept, Clara is deeply passionate about fashion and photography. She has a strong following on her Instagram, where she updates her adventurous looks daily.


Sean Seyfried

Sean calls his fashion sense a teasingly provocative take on two of his fashion inspirations – Carrie Bradshaw and The Man Repeller. His looks are youthful and daring, going easily from a splash of colors to understated monotones.


Sono Nui

Sono Nui is a fashion blogger based in Thailand and Singapore. Since her inception into her industry, she has gained considerable footing in the fields of fashion, beauty and digital social media, collaborating with premium brands as a model, stylist, social media influencer and ambassador.

By Nicole Lee