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Fash Snips – Style Trends for 2015

Major fashion powerhouses such Glamour, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Style have started releasing their idea of Spring 2015

Amid the array of patterns and prints, we pin down four trends that the average Singaporean can pull off




Glamour proudly exclaims that, “Fall may have brought us proper plaids, but for spring it’s all about the tiny check. The best part? It has a sexy, swingy vibe—not a touch of Pollyanna in sight.”

Sensible without being too over the top, gingham has been floating around the average Singaporean’s wardrobe for a while now. Time to take it out and give it a fresh breath of air!


Trouser Suits

Vogue took a staunch stand on this, announcing, “Forget everything you know about traditional power dressing, the new trouser suit comes with whimsical touches, like the twine and cowbell belts at Céline or shimmering pinstripes at Chanel. You can leave the shoulder pads at home, but this season a cropped trouser is essential.”

The trouser suit is a casual, wearable form of the blazer-up power suit, making it ideal for our humid weather here.


Transparent Skirts

Harper’s Bazaar makes the boldest move this season, declaring that, “Spring is an apt time for sheer, but this season is about the embrace of fully transparent pleated skirts. Regardless of shade, it’s the ideal illustration of sexy and coy-a secretary shape with a boudoir fabrication.”

Daring upon sight, this may seem like a foregone trend. But let’s not forget that most of us proudly adorned lace see-through and mesh peek-a-boo skirts just earlier last year – this is just another take on our favorites!



In the words of Emilio Pucci, “All of Milan seems to be on a 1970s trip, but the fringe, gossamer goddess gowns, and hippie beading we’ve seen on the runways here have been in Peter Dundas’ bag of tricks since the beginning at Emilio Pucci.”

This is perhaps the hardest style to pull off, with most looks teetering on the edge of “tardy” if not presented well. Pair bold, hippie outfits with a sensible belt for a tidy touch on your look.

By Nicole Lee