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15 Cute Crop Tops That Will Help Beat The Heat

With temperatures expected to soar in April, it’s time to start rocking the crop top to stay cool

By Nicole-Marie Ng

The National environment Agency (NEA) reported that the temperature in Singapore is expected to hit a high of 36 degrees celsius. The heat is believed to be caused by the El Nino phenomenon, a dry and warm air mass that has engulfed the region.

Since we can’t do anything to change the weather, we can instead change what we choose to wear.

Thankfully, the crop top trend shows no signs of slowing down thanks to the love it gets from celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

Fun vibrantly coloured crop tops that can be paired with distressed light wash denim shorts or high-waisted skirts for a flirty look.

Here are 15 crop tops you can buy right now to help beat the unrelenting heat.

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Available at Forever 21 stores.

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