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Alexandre Christie: Stylish with Sports

With a history of over half a century, Alexandre Christie weaves sporty with stylish, introducing their Sport series

Alexandre Christie prides themselves on their high quality timepieces, winning high praise for their excellent finishing and modernistic designs. The new series brings sports timepieces to a new level, introducing the element of style effortlessly.

Intricate and meticulous, Alexandre Christie’s Sports series is tailored for those looking for a tasteful, unique-to-self design that doesn’t compromise on its primary functions as a sports watch.

All the watches in this stylish series use Japanese movement. For the uninitiated, this means that the internal operating mechanism of the timepiece is Japanese-made. Each watch face is made with mineral glass and with an accompanying 316L steel or ceramic band. The watches are resistant up to 3ATM or 30 metres.

Here are our picks from their series:

Fan of black? This is the one to watch

The Sleek Choice: 6308MCLIPBA

Done in a single color, the 6308MCLIPBA exudes mysterious, quiet charm. The circular watch face set against subtle octagon framing adds a shade of dimension to stunning timepiece. Complete with four protruding dials, the intermittently spaced numbers create the illusion of a dazzling night sky. The hour and minute hands light up in the dark, making it a great companion for night runs.

The unevenness of this watch is deeply attractive
For those who prefer an asymmetrical shape

The Asymmetrical Choice: 6368MCLBRBA

The 6368MCLBRBA is one of the more unique watches in the series. While most watches pride themselves on balance, 6348MTBBRBA challenges that frontier by adding a curve to just the right side of the watch, resulting in a surprisingly creative timepiece. The gears are lightly Victoria, and complemented beautifully with the stylized hour and minute hands.

For those who prefer a squarish format
The variation on the face of this watch make it highly attractive

The Geometrical Choice: 6348MTBIPBAOR

At a glance, this squarish timepiece separates itself from the usual with its quilt-cut strap design and segregated clocks. Two dials dominates the left side of the watch, sharing the attention with the larger watch face on the right. The playful spots orange dance around the watch face with the hour, minute and second hand all carrying tints of it.

The striking colors gives it an edge
The striking colors gives it an edge

The Colour Choice: 9202NMALIPBAGN

There is no doubt that the 9202NMALIPBAGN is the most colourful in the series. With eleven green indicators and a single, arresting orange 12pm mark is a dead-on ring of a sports watch. But what differentiates it is the chunky-treaded leather watch strap. In a blaze of sports meet casual, this watch captures both their essences into one striking timepiece.

The stunner is the blue second hand
The stunner is the blue second hand

The Attention-Grabbing Choice: 8403MDBSSSLRG

This watch is simple; there is no way round it. I could go on about the inter-clasping strap, the elongating vertical pinstripe watch face and the simple date dial that sits comfortably at the 3pm mark. But it is clear one thing stands out – the unforgivably blue second hand. Looking almost like a manufacturing error, it is this elegant strip of colour that truly divides this classy watch out from the rest.

Simple and effortless, this is a subtle timepiece
Simple and effortless, this is a subtle timepiece

The Simple Choice: 8419MDLRGSL

For those who worship simplicity, the 8419MDLRGSL is a safe choice. Simple lines encircle this bare piece, with the date cleanly stationed at the 6pm mark. This is an excellent watch for those looking to chase simplicity or to complement louder hand accessories.

By Nicole Lee