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6 Things To Know Before Buying A Pre-loved Designer Bag

Learn these expert tips for a better shopping experience

By Samantha Francis


The City is indisputably the most iconic bag in the Balenciaga line-up.

Three years back, I purchased my first ever designer bag — a Balenciaga Classic City.

While it felt like a happy rite of passage to finally own such an iconic carryall, the buying process was no easy feat at all.

First of all, I was baffled by the options I had. Surely, I could saunter into the label’s boutique to make my purchase, but the thought of that felt slightly daunting.

The easier and more convenient method seemed to be buying from an online store, yet the risks were obvious (how was I supposed to authenticate the bag?!).


Are you eyeing a Chanel bag just like fashion blogger Nicole Warne’s?

In the end, I chose to purchase the bag from a local online e-tailer as it seemed to be the most reputable and was thankfully, not disappointed.

Fast forward today, that same homegrown e-commerce site where I bought my bag from has turned seven, and it’s none other than Reebonz.

Apart from offering the latest designer bags, they also specialise in buying and selling pre-owned items.


Don’t be hasty when making your purchase!

If you’re looking to purchase a pre-loved designer bag, be sure to read the following tips from Samantha Toh, Associate Merchandizer from the Atelier Team at Reebonz:

1. Identify the type of bag you need

Before you begin your quest for the perfect bag, spare some time to identify the bag that you really need in your closet. If you’re still in a dilemma, your best bet is to opt for a design that’s versatile and can be taken anywhere.

2. Scout for the best deals

If you’re aiming to purchase your dream bag from an online boutique, you should first find out the original price of the bag. Make sure every cent counts!

3. Understand the return and authentication policies

The biggest question that comes to mind when shopping for a pre-owned item is “Is it authentic?”. Most resale companies or online shops do not offer generous return policies like brand boutiques, so take your time to read and fully understand the terms and conditions before making your purchase.

On the other hand, shop confidently at boutiques that offer authentication services and certificates that guarantee their products’ authenticity.

4. Find out the bag’s exact specifications

To avoid any disappointments on your splurge, find out the exact weight and size of your desired bag. Some bags with lots of studs, metal hardware and thick leather material tend to be heavier than what you’re expecting.

When purchasing online, request for additional images. Ask the seller to place a familiar object such as a smartphone or pen next to the bag as a comparison.

5. Read sellers’ feedback

Don’t be hasty when purchasing your bag, especially when it’s from an online boutique. Don’t be fooled by exaggerated descriptions. Instead, read through the comments and feedback from previous buyers before you shop from a specific seller.

6. Check the condition of the bag

When purchasing a pre-owned bag, find out its condition category — most resale companies range their pre-owned bags from mint to pristine condition, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Once you receive your bag, check its workmanship.

Look out for any stitching defects, material discolouring and non-functioning zippers or buttons. Should any defects that were not highlighted prior to the purchase be found, contact your reseller immediately. Delays may affect the perceived validity of your claims.

Visit Reebonz here.