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Deal With The Root Causes Of Your Hair Fall And Scalp Problems With TrichoKare

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Photo: TK Trichokare

If you’ve been finding more hair on your shower floor lately or your scalp has started flaking, it might be time to seek out help.

Ensure that your hair receives the specific care that it needs with TK Trichokare’s customised hair treatments. Instead of developing a one-size-fits-all treatment, TK TrichoKare takes the time and effort to understand your hair problems and target the root causes for more effective results.


Before your treatment, you will sit down with a trichologist – a hair and scalp specialist – who will help you diagnose the key causes of hair fall and assess the healthiness of your scalp. They will also take into consideration your lifestyle, diet and working conditions, as these do contribute to premature hair loss.

The consultation finishes with a careful scalp analysis, which will help identify underlying problems that might not be visible to the naked eye, such as acne on your scalp.

Only after a thorough analysis of your scalp will the hair specialists at TrichoKare recommend a suitable treatment, making use of premium European herbal hair remedies that are free of harsh chemicals.


Humidity can contribute to increased sebum production, which is why many people in Singapore tend to suffer from oily scalps. If left untreated, your oily scalp can clog pores and eventually develop acne.

Hence, the treatment will begin with the regulation of your scalp sebum by removing impurities and excess sebum build-up.

Once cleansed, it’s time to nourish the hair follicles and boost blood circulation to the scalp – this will feel like you are getting a head massage. Finally, using the latest technology, an infrared therapy machine will be used to help the serum penetrate deeper into the root hairs and stimulate new hair growth.

As all the products used in TK TrichoKare’s treatments are made from premium natural European botanical extracts, your scalp will feel more refreshed after. Maintaining a healthy scalp has never been easier with TK TrichoKare’s treatments.