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The Best Luxury Bomber Jackets for Women

Choose the best material and print for you

In the 80s, a bomber jacket was considered really iconic, and the famous Frenchman Claude Montana played a significant role in it. He presented a collection of female models with emphatically voluminous details. However, his other fashionable compatriot didn’t stand aside as well: it was in the 80s that the secular society was absolutely delighted at a female silver bomber jacket with flowers by Yves Saint Laurent. Thus, by the efforts of French designers, the utilitarian jacket lost its association with radical subcultures and military affairs. And having adequately survived its impersonality in the 90s, it has turned into a stylish replacement for a blazer. 

Shift in Emphasis 

For a couple of recent fashionable seasons, you could see a shift in emphasis: the quilted jackets were replaced with combined ones when the fabric was the basis, and some fragments, such as sleeves, were made of leather. Then a women's bomber jacket with a floral print or embroidery has come into vogue on a par with classic options and animal prints. And all this versatility of a bomber jacket keeps on delighting the sophisticated fashionistas. 

The wide popularity of all variations of this cult thing originates in the trend of "celebrity street style," the icons of which are, above all, Hollywood divas. They know how to wear even the simplest comfortable models with chic. You can be inspired by different combinations of clothes and casual shoes to create individual fashionable images. 

What Are the Best Luxury Bomber Jackets for Women? 

If you are in search for your best bomber jacket that will meet your strict requirements, then pay attention to the following options. They are different in print, style, and material, but, nevertheless, high quality is what they have in common. 

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Choiss Luxe Fish Skin Bomber in All White

You will surely like this luxury classic bomber jacket since it will not give you any chance to go unnoticed. An interesting pattern and white color look great in combination with black metal zipper and knitted sleeve cuffs. This brand provides you with an opportunity to customize your bomber jacket, making a silver-tone zipper if you want to look more casual. 

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