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Watch This Korean Makeup Artist Transform Herself Into Taylor Swift

She’s doing that red lip classic thing that you like

By Samantha Francis

Are you sure that’s not Tay Tay with her favourite “classic red lip thing that you like” and thick lashed peepers?

Swifties around the world, including myself, probably sat mesmerised as we watched this makeup transformation video by Korean makeup artist who goes by the moniker Pony Makeup.

Watch as she transforms herself into Taylor Swift’s twin:

From contouring her jawline to mimicking Taylor’s perfect arched brows, the talented makeup artist has got it down pat.

In the comments section, a few had lashed out at the video — claiming she must’ve undergone some sort of plastic surgery to attain a similar face shape as Taylor’s.

All we have to say is that haters’ gonna hate but we’ll shake it off any day.