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Unmask a new you!

Sometimes the simple disposable mask is the best thing you can have in your skincare routine


If you find peel-off or clay masks a pain, perhaps the simple disposable paper or silicon mask would suit you.

Simply lay it on your face for 20 minutes or more for a radiant complexion. You don’t even need to wash off the essence after!

Here are a few of the best disposable masks in the market.

For Beloved One


Taiwanese brand For Beloved One has the first bio-cellulose mask made of nano-scale organic fibres with FDA-approved “compound microorganism bacteria” through a strict fermentation process. It has the best affinity with the skin and can achieve essence absorption 30 times higher than other masks.

The Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask ($63 for three) may be a bit pricy but my skin felt supple and looked fairer immediately.

Available at Sephora.




Laneige introduces the improved Water Bank range as a solution specially-customised for Asian women to combat dry skin and lack of moisture.

Its Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask ($34 for five) cools the skin and keeps skin soft and supple. The gel mask also fits the face well without slipping and sliding.

Available at Laneige boutiques and counters.




Need a quick fix? Sephora’s Natural Therapy Mask ($4 for one) comes in colourful capsules and with ingredients such as green tea, avocado, rose, lingzhi and more to suit any skin type. I liked the green tea one for its clarifying properties.

Place the capsule in the fridge to cool down the mask for a more relaxing experience.

Available at Sephora.




Pureheal’s three-layered mask Callus Mask range ($32) delivers core ingredients to resolve skin trouble, large pores, and ageing or dull skin.

It comes in six different ingredients such as Calendula Aloe, Propolis Rose and Ginseng Berry that serves various skin needs.

Available at Sephora.




DrX has come up with the Derma-Rx Bio-cellulose Facial Mask ($20 for one), which can rejuvenate, hydrate and brighten skin in a mere 20 minutes. It contains ingredients such as neuropeptides, Vitamin C and sodium hyaluronate to prevent aging, and to whiten and moisturise.

The mask delivers ingredients in a time-release manner as the mask doesn’t dry out as quickly due to the bio-cellulose membrane, which helps the skin absorb the serum better.

Available at The DrX Clinic, 302 Orchard Road, Tong Building, #16-01, Singapore 238862.

By Cheryl Chia