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Quick & easy slimming treatments & products for only $18

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If you’re looking for a gift for your mom, or if you’re thinking of rewarding yourself on Mother’s Day, how about a gift that makes beauty grow?

Are you a filial child who’s thinking of something different to get your mother, or want to help her be more beautiful than she already is? Or, are you a mother who could use a reward for yourself and your hectic life, by rolling back the years?

London Weight Management has just the answer for you, with this Mother’s Day Promotion.


London Weight Management Mother’s Day Promotion gives you six Quick & Easy Slimming Treatments for only $18. Plus, you’ll get one set of slimming products (worth $68) absolutely free! [Please see the highlighted portion beside the article.]

Simply SMS ‘LWWK’, your name and NRIC no. to 73232 or call 6222 1234 to book your appointment now.

This promotion is applicable for new female customers aged 21 and above with weight problems only. The promotional treatments are redeemable after consultation. Results may vary.


London Weight Management is the No. 1 Most Effective Slimming Brand in Singapore and Malaysia. London Weight Management is a successful weight loss and management breakthrough that has been widely received in Europe. The birth of London Weight Management has brought new hope to women who have been battling weight problems most of their lives.

London Weight Management is now offering effective weight management solutions in Singapore and Malaysia. To date, more than thousands of modern women have already experienced the result of this breakthrough weight management success.

Guaranteeing a loss of 8 to 22cm or more and up to 3kg loss each session, London Weight Management’s solution to overweight problems can achieve a recovery rate of 98 per cent. If you want a permanent solution to your weight problems and not just any fast fix where you’ll end up back to square one, visit London Weight Management for a brand new experience.

• No surgery • No injection • No pill • No crash diet and exercise

Professional Teams

Your weight loss is ensured with a team of medical researchers, nutritionists and weight management specialists who target your weight problems with thorough and accurate analyses, providing safe and efficient slimming solutions that combat weight problems.

Exclusive Service

Be pampered with exclusive one-on-one attention from professionals who have gone through extensive training to bring out the best results in your slimming process.

Safe and Painless Treatments

Lose weight easily without going through the agony of starvation, gruelling diets or rigorous exercise regimes that are hard to maintain. Rather, choose to lose weight in the safe and easy way with 100 per cent natural botanical products and specialty slimming equipment that do away with side effects.

Guaranteed Results

Experience a transformational change of 8 to 22cm loss or even more, during each treatment at London Weight Management. Your new lease of life is only a step away!


Step 1. Full Body Fat Analysis

Finding out why and how your weight problem came about is extremely crucial towards implementing the appropriate slimming treatment. Thus, our professional weight management specialist will first conduct a one-on-one consultation and a detailed body fat analysis to find out the causes of your weight problem as well as your daily lifestyle habits.

Step 2. Customised Slimming Programme

Based on your body condition and problem areas, a customised slimming treatment programme which effectively targets your weight problems, and a comprehensive diet plan will be devised for you. This modular treatment programme targets:

  • Post-natal weight gain
  • Menopausal weight gain
  • Flabby arms and thighs
  • Protruding tummy
  • Heavy bottom
  • Cellulite
  • Water retention
  • Overall weight gain

Step 3. Home Care and Follow Up

To ensure optimal slimming results, our specialists will recommend suitable home care products for you. Besides, they will also monitor your weight loss progress, making appropriate treatment adjustments to ensure you achieve your ideal figure in no time.


Sandy Zhou, aged 21 – Post-Natal Weight Gain

Sandy Zhou is a mother of four children who was unable to regain her figure after giving birth to her fourth child. Due to her weight issue, Sandy gave up her love for shopping, as well as the hope being able to wear and look good in nice clothes ever again. Besides, she also lost confidence and became very insecure about her marriage.

Finally, she decided she had enough of excess weight and being called “aunty”. She sought professional help at London Weight Management. With expert advice and customised treatment, Sandy managed to regain a slim, well-toned figure. She’s now slim, attractive and oozes confidence!

Before: 75kg. Now: 55kg.

London Weight Management, hotline: 6622 1234, www.londonweight.com