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Local Beauty Heroes: 5 Minutes With Mei Hui Of The Skin Pharmacy

Created by pharmacists who believe in skincare

By Samantha Francis

Your beauty solutions are closer to home than you know. With more local skincare and makeup brands popping up in the market, we now have more options than ever. Looking for something organic or fuss-free? These brands have one trait in common — they’re made to suit Asian skin. In our series, Local Beauty Heroes, we take a closer look at a few of these homegrown brands.


Their dedication to using natural ingredients is well reflected in the products.

True to its name, The Skin Pharmacy is a brand created and manufactured by pharmacists who specialise in skincare.

Their dedication to using natural ingredients is well reflected in the products, which do not contain parabens, alcohol, artificial colouring or artificial fragrance.

In addition, they offer customisable products for all skin types.

1. Hi Mei Hui! What inspired you to start the beauty brand? And why?

I worked in a pharmaceutical MNC for about 15 years and it has always been a dream of mine to start my own business.

At The Skin Pharmacy, we believe that no two skin types are the same, hence our products can be customised to suit each individual’s skin type.

For example, we can add oil-control ingredients into a product for someone with oily skin, or moisturising ingredients into a cream for someone who will be traveling to very dry climate.

We could even add your favourite essential oil into your shower gel or create a product from scratch if needed.

2. How do you think homegrown beauty brands compare to international beauty brands, and why?

We are better suited for the weather and skin type of our local customers.

For example, The Skin Pharmacy products are generally more lightweight and less oily compared to international brands, where the climate is drier and their products tend to be heavier and more moisturising.

3. Share some skincare/beauty tip with our readers.

Apply sunscreen the first thing in the morning — don’t wait till you’re going out because UV light comes through your windows at home too!

And it’s not just about applying sunscreen, but applying the correct amount. Most people only apply a small amount as some sunscreens can feel greasy and thick when in fact, one should be aiming for about a teaspoon of sunscreen for the whole face.

If you perspire a lot, frequently wipe your face or are spending the day outdoors, it’s important to reapply sunscreen throughout the day to get the level of protection stated on the label.


Amino Deep Cleansing Powder cleanses without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

We love: Serum No.6 ($129.90), Amino Deep Cleansing Powder (from $32.90)

While cleansing powders aren’t as common as gel-type cleansers, Amino Deep Cleansing Powder packs a punch in its ability to cleanse without stripping your skin’s natural oils

Made of amino acids, which acts as a good cleansing agent and keeps skin hydrated, the cleanser is suitable for all skin types — especially those with sensitive skin. Simply pour a 20 cent amount onto wet palms and rub together to form a lather before cleansing your face.

Attain smooth, smooth, youthful and moisturised skin with the Serum No. 6 (The Premium Facial Oil Serum), which contains an blend of  Rose Otto, Immortelle, Roman Chamomile and Frankincense essential oils in an Argan and Marula Oil base for skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

Available at www.theskinpharmacy.com