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#WeekenderTries: Svenson Scalp Detox Treatment

Tried and tested treatments to revive your crowning glory

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Cover photo: Shutterstock

Hair today, gone tomorrow. That’s the night-mare of anyone facing hair woes such as thinning hair, a receding hairline or an oily scalp. Weekender gave three treatments a try to see if they answered our needs.


A colour-friendly shampoo like the Svenson Quench Sulfate Free Shampoo ($42) adds moisture and shine. (Photo: Svenson)

“As someone who has been struggling with hair loss since my early teens, I’ve tried my fair share of scalp treatments and therapies. My plan of attack has always been to keep my oily scalp in check as clogged follicles prevent baby hairs from growing.

When I went to Svenson, I was glad that my trichologist echoed my treatment strategy and recommended that I try their Scalp Detox Treatment ($96.30).

Unlike regular salons, the treatment rooms at Svenson only accommodate two people per room so you can enjoy your treatment in privacy. My therapist began the treatment with a quick massage before applying a bright green mask onto my scalp to ‘draw out’ impurities and oil.

After a 15-minute steam session, she used a high frequency wand to ward off any hidden bacteria lurking within my scalp, paying close attention the areas prone to pimples and oiliness. This step also better prepares the scalp to absorb the customised serum that balances my scalp’s condition and promotes hair growth.

Since I was told to let the serum sit on my scalp for at least eight hours, I decided to forgo my nightly shampoo. I was surprised that even 28 hours after the treatment, my hair was still looking fresh and oil-free.”

Available exclusively at Svenson.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Weekender, Issue 153, May 27 – June 9, 2016, with the headline ‘3 ways to fix your hair woes’.