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Hit the Honey Pot

Soothe your skin with Vecua Honey Forest products

In this humid weather, beauty products of any type have to be light to avoid the sticky residual feeling. I dislike body creams or hand creams which leave an oily or sticky feeling on my skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the products from Vecua Honey Forest.

Creamy and Cool

I especially like the Honey Dew Body Cream Pure Floral ($34). This light body cream smells good and absorbs into the skin very quickly. I also like how it cools the skin upon application. It contains nourishing ingredients of walnut extract, royal jelly extract, honey and birch bark extract.

The cream is also enriched with maple water and yuzu extract to hydrate the skin further. If you like floral scents, you’ll pick up on the scent of Bulgarian rose, tuberose and jasmine. The Honey Dew Hand Cream Maple Honey ($16) is a little richer and more suited for people with drier skin.

Blended with honey, royal jelly extract, walnut extract and birch bark extract, the cream penetrates into deeper epidermal layers. It leaves a slight oily residue upon application but is absorbed fairly quickly, resulting in a smooth feeling.

The hand cream is also formulated with 80 per cent honey water for a comforting maple honey scent that reminds one of warm waffles topped with syrup.

Smooth and Clean Feel

Vecua Honey Forest products are natural and it does not support animal testing. Made in Japan, its products also aim to moisturise skin, boost clarity and protect it from harmful everyday pollutants.

One such product is the Honey Dew Cleansing Water ($36), which cleanses skin while removing makeup effortlessly. Through its signature ingredients such as royal jelly extract and birch bark extract, the cleansing water soothes the skin and also removes impurities and grime.

The product gets rid of foundation and even waterproof mascara. It is also lightly scented for those who are averse to pungent cleansers, and does not contain mineral oil, alcohol or colourants. My skin felt more hydrated and smooth after its application.