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Green with Envy Singapore

Go Green with Envy Singapore, a new online e-tailer selling organic and natural products

Organic products are notoriously hard to find and some quite misleadingly labelled, but fear not with Envy Singapore.

The portal is founded by local distributor, Natural & Free Lifestyle Pte Ltd and they aim to offer a curation of merchandise that is environmentally-friendly, ethically sound, organic and/or natural. The portal features different products ranging from beauty, clothing and even food.Photo Jul 02, 3 19 55 PM

“Each brand made available on Envy Singapore has been carefully studied and curated by our team to ensure it fits the website’s standards…it’s a necessary upgrade, making small changes on what we choose to use, wear and consume which will make a big difference later on,” says Monika Tijia, Director of Natural & Free Lifestyle Pte Ltd.

Shop Au Naturel

Photo Jul 02, 3 22 45 PM
O-Spa Soaps

The website carries brands such as Way Better Snacks and Greenday chips for those who love snacking. We loved the Vacuum Fried Broccoli Chips from the Greenday brand. It’s almost like eating a guilt-free potato chip while getting the required vegetable intake at the same time.

We also tried the O-Spa line of Glycerin soap bars and we thought they smelt excellent. The soaps are made from a variant of essential oils which are gentle on the skin and it is free from synthetic additives or surfactants. Products like that are also available for babies, children and even pets!

Going fully organic may cost a bomb, but a product or two that’s natural and organic makes all the difference. So why not try the website out?

Visit envysg.com

By Cheryl Chia